Doctors Advice is licensed and contracted with multiple health care facilities in the Tri-State area.  We provide Nursing Homes, Hospitals and individual patients with highly qualified, licensed medical professionals who have demonstrated compassion and competency.

Doctors Advice has several staff members who have functioned in the Human Resource arena.  We are able to provide consultation for practices and facilities in regards to staffing, work flow, interviewing skills, contract management and scheduling.  Doctors Advice is also versed in EMR implementation and billing.

Our Services

​Doctors Advice can provide qualified medical professionals for individual clients in the home setting.  Services can be arranged for 24/7 care or part time based on the clients needs.  Contact us for further details.

Doctors Advice is very familiar with the demands of balancing work and career development.  We provide multiple educational resources for health care professionals at all stages of their career.

​​Career Development

Private Home Care Services



​​Doctors Advice,LLC 

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